A night at Chao Phraya river


This month, I have spent a river cruise over Chao Phraya river and It was worth spending time. It was our staff party, so it was quite fun.

The cruise started from River City Pier and it went for about more than a couple of hours.

PalaceRoyal Palace at night – it’s a different sight indeed.

It was not easy to take pictures on moving ship, but I felt the scenery and photo came out okay. The cruise started at 7pm, so needless to say, it was actually complete darkness outside except the city lights.

Rama 8 BridgeKing Rama 8 bridge – beautifully created

The cool breeze air and nice food on board actually made my visit special. Though the food is not extraordinary it actually isn’t so bad after all.

Wat Arun At Night

Wat Arun At Night



I recommend you to try River Cruise if you ever visited Bangkok, they are many operators for River Cruise and I hope you enjoy the same way I did as well.


Ayutthaya Excursion


In October, I went to visit Ayutthaya. So, here are some of the images I have taken.

It was fantastic trip and I enjoyed taking photos.


AyutthayaThe weather nowadays is good and the tourism high season is now going in place. Holiday season in Thailand is starting.



Fantastic Microsoft OneDrive

I am using One Drive as part of my work, as I utilize office 365.

However, for personal use, I am also quite happy with OneDrive and Hotmail/Outlook features as well.

I actually use quite a bit of Hotmail/Outlook for myself, this account being since late 90s.

Lately, Microsoft has been rewarding me with more and more space and I am absolutely delighted with their progressive support.

Last year, I installed OneDrive app on my mobile phone and I was awarded 3GB initially for Camera roll bonus, now it has become total of 15GB.

I am now trying to keep all my Camera photos from my phone to both Dropbox and Onedrive, however, I am now beginning to enjoy more of OneDrive lately.

So, If you are keen to use Microsoft, I won’t offer you referral codes or anything, Just try to sign up yourself and enjoy these massive offers.

Besides, email is unlimited, so It is quite good for me about email as well.

Please note that I have no affiliation with Microsoft. I just write what I like.

Thailand’s first Comic Con


Thailand’s first Comic Con, so it called. I went with my friends and snapped a few photos.


I am not certain it is  a fantastic event, but it was okay to see. It wasn’t so much fun and the event wasn’t organized extremely well. Indeed, there’s first time for everything.

iron men

Some are pretty awesome displays, I personally like some of the displayed items.



Star wars

Darth Maul



Thor Son of Odin


Darth Vader

Darth Vader

Hope it’s fun to see. Thanks for viewing.

LGPA Golf 2014


Feb 22, 2014, I was at Chonburi, watching LPGA Golf organized by Honda, It was quite a fantastic events and I have been there 3 years in a row.


Every year, it was a great event, because it’s so difficult to guess who would win. Yani Tseng, is the only winner, who have won twice in this event and it was her swing on 14th hole.

Fun weekend.

Back and there again


My Name is Linn and I am back to blogging world again.

I am not much sure I will be very active, but I will try. However, I hope it should be fun blogging again.

I usually want to be brief and fun through my blogging years. Let’s hope if I can log some memories.

Thanks for reading.